FIOTOK Carburetor for Tecumseh 640350 640303 640271 Sears Craftmans Mowers Parts


1.100% Brand New and good quality Carburetor,Good at mixing fuel and air,Keep engine running smoothly.
2.Replaces Carb for Tecumseh Parts # 640271, 640303, 640350,Fits 20016 20017 20018 6.75 HP Engines Carb
3.Fits models: Tecumseh LAWN BOY 10682 , 1Fits Many Toro Recycler Mower Models: 20014, 20016, 20017, 20018, 20031, 20070, 20071, 20071A, 20072, 20072A, 20073, 20073A, 20074, 20074A, 20076, 20076A, & 20079
4.Fits Many Tecumseh Models: LEV100, LEV105, LEV120, LV195EA, & LV195XA
5.Fits Many Lawn Boy Models: 10682, 10683, 10684, 10685, 10686, 10687,0360, 10360C, 10361, 10362, & 10367

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The 640350 is compatible with the LEV120 as well as the LV195EA and LV195XA engine models. There is no real need to search for a repair manual with this job.

Simply disconnect fuel lines, unbolt the old unit by removing two screws, and then bolt on the new carb, being sure to check and re-position or replace the old gasket.

If a new gasket is needed, it is easy to find and order a kit specific to your engine that replaces vital gaskets and hardware as well.

This simple repair instantly restores lost power and add years to the life of your mower.

The job is done in the same time it takes to change the engine oil, and it’s easy enough for even the mechanically disinclined to pull off.

The 640350 model also fits most models with a vertical shaft type engine that’s similar to the LEV120.

Replacing a component, along with very simple and inexpensive maintenance, keeps your lawnmower running in top condition for longer than most would expect, which saves you time and hassle in the long run.


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